A Terrible Toll: Killed by Cops in Canada

Many will be quite surprised, and taken aback, at the sheer numbers of people killed through some form of contact with police in Canada. The numbers are in the hundreds, over the last few decades alone. And these numbers include only those known to have been killed following interactions with police. The available numbers are, by the nature of policing, an undercount. They may not include marginalized people who encounter police and are killed “off the record” or people who die of injuries that are not linked to the interactions with police that caused them.

Much work is needed to research and document the cases of people killed by police in Canada. Among the best and most extensive work being done to document police involved killings in Canada has been undertaken by the Montréal based group Coalition contre la Répression et les Abus Policiers (la C.R.A.P.). They have compiled a record of the people known to have been killed through police contact across Canada since 1987. The numbers are monstrous and show the scope and extent of lives taken by police, at all levels, in Canada.

Over the next several posts we will provide some of the data assembled by la C.R.A.P. More information about the group and their important work is available at: http://www.lacrap.org/


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