Killer Cop Simon Beaulieu Charged in Death of Cyclist Guy Boulin (Quebec)

Quebec City police officer Simon Beaulieu has been charged with criminal negligence causing death and dangerous driving causing death for hitting and killing a cyclist, Guy Boulin (48), with his police vehicle on September 3, 2014. Beaulieu is set to appear in a Quebec City courtroom on October 16, 2015. This is a rare case in which an officer is actually charged in a case where police have killed someone.

On September 3, 2014, officer Beaulieu attempted to intercept Guy Blouin who was simply biking the wrong way down a street. The cyclist was hit by the cruiser, which was apparently reversing in high speed toward Boulin, and died in hospital several hours later.

Incredibly Beaulieu was promoted to the rank of investigator in Quebec City’s police department only a month after the fatal collision. He got the promotion despite the investigation into his killing of Boulin being ongoing at the time. A general duty officer at the time he killed Boulin, Beaulieu was not reassigned to administrative duties following the killing.

The case was investigated by the provincial police Sûreté du Québec because the killing involved local police. The Quebec City police department claimed to co-operate fully with the investigation.

After Blouin was killed the Quebec City community of St-Roch held vigils and protests on his behalf. According to community group spokesperson Pierre Frappier, of the Comité des Citoyens de St-Roch: “At that time, people were afraid. People were angry.” While the community group is pleased to see charges finally laid they question why it took nearly a year to do so. Said Frappier: “I find it hard to believe it took almost a year for whomever’s in charge to finally determine that somebody is guilty of those things, or that he should be charged.”

A sign left at the memorial site in honor of Guy Blouin reads, in French, “Police officer or murderer? Peace to the family, we are with you.”

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