“Officers Just Opened Fire and Blew the Heck out of Him”: Police Killing of Mark Dicesare, 24, (Winnipeg, November 6, 2015)

A man, identified as Mark Dicesare (24), shot multiple times by Winnipeg police following pursuit by dozens of police vehicles died of multiple injuries inflicted by police on November 6, 2015. His death was announced on November 7.

Winnipeg police have still released few details of the killing but they have confirmed that firearm discharge occurred, involving their officers. Witnesses, including at least one news reporter, have stated that multiple officers opened fire on the man simultaneously during a brief standoff in a field in the city near Lipsett Hall at the former Kapyong Barracks military site.

Several police vehicles had pursued the man to the field after he was reportedly see driving erratically. Witnesses reported around 30 police vehicles involved in the standoff. The shooting occurred about 45 minutes after police first became involved and during a 20 minute standoff.

Local radio station CJOB recorded the observation of one witness identified as Brian who saw police open fire on the man: “The driver … came out, had his hands in his coat breast pocket, took his hand outside of his jacket, and at least ten to twelve officers just opened fire and blew the heck out of him” (CP 2015).

CBC Winnipeg recorded a lengthy witness account of the killing:

“A white man with black hair, black jacket got out [and] started walking around his vehicle very nervously, had his hand in his jacket pocket, inside his jacket, started to pull his hand out of his jacket. And I’d have to say 10 to 12 police officers just rapid-fire opened up, and that was it. It was just, ‘Bang, bang, bang’ all at the same time. It’s just like a movie; it’s just unbelievable. Like, it just wasn’t one shot. It sounded [like] at least 10, all at the same time.” (CBC 2015)

The Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba, which investigates all serious incidents involving police, is investigating the killing. The IIU began operations only a few months ago and has yet to provide a report on any of the numerous police involved shootings in Manitoba.

Further Reading

CBC. 2015. “Man Shot by Police near Kenaston Boulevard Dies in Hospital: Reports.” Nov. 7. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/man-shot-by-police-near-kenaston-boulevard-dies-in-hospital-reports-1.3307891

CP. 2015. “Man Shot by Winnipeg Police after Lengthy Chase and Standoff Dies.” The Brandon Sun. Nov. 6. http://www.brandonsun.com/national/breaking-news/man-in-hospital-after-shot-by-winnipeg-police-officer-342022601.html


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