Police Fire Shots, Man Found Dead After Standoff in Saskatoon Home (October 6, 2016)

Few details have yet been released after a man was killed during a standoff with police in a Saskatoon home, Thursday morning on October 6, 2016. It is acknowledged by police that their officers fired several shots and it does not appear that they were fired upon first.

Police entered the home on the 500 block of Avenue Q North after receiving a call at about a suspected break-in by the home’s owner Ron Zerebeski. Saskatoon Police Service reported that upon searching the home officers found one room closed. Opening the door slightly they claim to have seen a man inside armed with a gun. Home owner Zerebeski has since said that he had many guns in his home. Police claim that on seeing the man they immediately retreated and set up a security zone around the house.

Police have not claimed the man fired any weapon but an initial investigation reveals that at least two member of the Saskatoon Police Service fired multiple shots. Police are not sure or not revealing how many shots their officers fired. When attempts to make contact with the man were unsuccessful police entered the closed room, around 4:30 PM, and found the man dead.


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