Edmonton Killer Cop Chris Luimes Had No Reason for Speeding When He Killed Annie Walden (84)

A disturbingly high number of civilians in Canada are killed by police officers who are speeding or driving recklessly. In most of those cases they are doing so without cause even on their own broad terms. Such was the case on March 8, 2012 when a speeding Constable Chris Luimes crashed his vehicle into a car driven by 84-year-old Annie Walden, killing her. This assessment comes from a senior officer, Brad Doucette, testifying at a fatality inquiry into the killing of Annie Walden which took place on March 14, 2017, an incredible five years after the fact. The inquiry which was scheduled for two days was completed in under three hours. Only two witnesses were called.

Constable Luimes was driving an unmarked police car at nearly 120 kilometers an hour to what was a non-emergency call. The speed limit on the road on which he was traveling was only 50 km/h. His car smashed into the Volkswagen Jetta driven by Annie Walden on 75th Street turning onto 76th Avenue. Walden died at the scene

Of course a civilian traveling at a rate of speed so much over the limit would be dealt with harshly. Let alone the response if they actually killed someone while doing so. Such is not the case where police speed and/or drive recklessly and kill a civilian. Luimes was charged with dangerous driving but once again a judge moved to ensure the killer officer would be taken good care of. The judge, stunningly, ruled that there was no enough evidence to convict the officer, despite a woman killed by his actions and the fact that he had no justifiable reason for driving the way he did, even by the low police department standards of the day.

One week ago, Luimes was found guilty of discreditable conduct in the incident during a police disciplinary hearing. Incredibly, the outcome was that he was ordered to participate in a video that will be used as part of mandatory police training. Constable Luimes still works with the Edmonton police force.


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