Absurd Identity Confusion as SIU Lets off Cop who Killed “John Doe”

Police kill someone they are supposedly looking for to add to an offender registry. They have supposedly arrested him before. Yet even after an SIU investigation into his killing it is announced that they do not know who he is. These curious questions of identity linger after the SIU announced that it would not press charges against the officer who shot and killed John Doe in a bush area near some train tracks in North York, suburban Toronto.

The unnamed man (who police claim is unknown despite appearing to know him) was killed on June 17, 2016 . he was shot by police along railway tracks between Weston Road and Highway 400 in the city’s north. The killing was apparently witnessed by two members from the Canadian Pacific Police Service and 10 more witness officers. The subject officer, who has not been named either but one can surmise is also known to police, fired five rounds at the man who had supposedly been camping near the tracks.

In June 2016, at the time of the killing, an SIU release identified the man as 42 years old. The July 12, 2017 report now says that “despite the SIU’s best efforts, the Unit has not been able to establish the man’s actual identity.” It now suggests his age is unknown. Yet, the SIU report also lists knowledge of two of the unknown man’s prior interactions with police, including a January 2012 incident when he was apparently shot multiple times, and a March 2015 incident. The 2012 SIU release identified that John Doe as 38 years old. Now his name and age are unknown. Was it the same guy? No one with the state seems ready to clarify.

Police reports suggest variously that officers were going to serve him with notice for failing to register with the provincial sex offender registry (even though no one knew his name anyway) or that they were going to arrest him for trespassing on the railway’s property. Either or both? Was he killed for trespassing? Why did CP police not deal with someone trespassing on their property themselves?


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