Quebec Police Shoot and Kill 22-Year-Old Man in Umiujaq (Dec. 28, 2017)

Police in the northern Quebec town of Umiujaq, a northern Inuit community in Nunavik, shot and killed a 22-year-old man on Thursday, December 28, 2017. Quebec’s Independent Investigations Bureau (BEI), the unit that examines police harm to civilians in the province, is investigating the killing. The BEI reports that police had attended the man’s home in order to arrest him but he refused to leave the house. One officer remained at the scene while another departed to obtain a warrant to enter the residence. At some point after the one officer left, the man exited the house and attempted to enter a local community center. Police attempted to prevent him from entering. The BEI reports that the man was shot when he turned in the direction of officers. No other details have been released. The BEI has assigned seven investigators to the case. The Hudson Bay town is located more than 1200 kilometers north of Montreal. It was relocated as a result of the colonial James Bay hydroelectric project.

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